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The Horse Chronicles

30 years young in 2009!

These are the adventures of the Bristol Morris Horse, as he boldly goes where no Horse has gone before ....

Adrian Shaw dancing Jockey to the Fair circa 1980 in Shropshire The Bristol Morris Men's Horse's Solo Jig, "Jockey to the Fair", truly one of the great wonders of the World of Dance. Horse dancing in Shropshire circa 1980.

Music by Melodeon Maestro Nigel (fingers) Cooke

August 1st 2010 Horse wins prestigeous cup! Dancing with master Philip Bassendale, and with Squire Jack Worth on melodeon in the Sidmouth John Gasson Double Jig Competition, Horse and Phil won the cup for the dance with Greatest Audience Appeal. They danced the Bledington version of "Jockey to the Fair" (Horse's favourite apart from "Donkey Serenade"). The course for the jig involved four jumps which Horse sailed over with no faults.

In 1996 Horse was in a sorry state and badly needed repairs. You can follow the details of this, and see how he was constructed by Adrian, here. However please note that you will need to view with Firefox, Safari, Opera, Camino or Flock! It still looks aweful in IE, in particular the pop-up captions don't appear, you just get a title, and the frame is out of the (horse) box.